· By Tom Rodwell


Welcome to the deluxe new site, folks. Over time it will showcase music, writing, video and artwork from not just my contemporary projects but also the last 20 years of musical activity. 

A few years in the making, my album "Wood & Waste" came out on all formats in October '21 and I was gratified to get a lot of support from radio and press around the world, so I'll be adding reviews and links over time. At time of writing it's inching up the charts in the US.


I'm hoping to be releasing another album of new instrumental music later in 2022 - featuring quite different material and interesting production approaches. Psychedelia - not really, but that's possibly the closest reference point. Mixing is complete, next stop mastering. 


Also this year, I'll be returning to the studio with a new batch of songs - and possibly some blues jams - on the cards. 


As for live work - whilst it may seem to be returning in the northern hemisphere, we're quite a ways off here in New Zealand. There may be some outdoor events in the next few months, but I don't expect any major progress or venue shows 'till late 2022. I hope to be proved wrong.