"So long ago, was it in a dream?" - Lennon "You need good timing, it takes good timing" - Wilson "Time goes slowly, time goes silently, drags its feet no it never flies" - Sexsmith         TRACKING AT ROUNDHEAD 2022 pt1 I returned to the recording studio recently, just to see if the kettle was still warm. Big plans, big talk, big shoes to piss in. A bunch of chunky demos, a new bag of tricks, the requisite fistful of dollars; the time - apparently - was now.   Proceedings started with a predictable wobble - kicking...

Tom Rodwell

After Math

Wood & Waste was released about 50 million years ago, in October 2021.  It's doing some business. I'm grateful that it's been picked up by Cargo Records UK for global distribution, and it's available from great retailers like Elusive Disc in the States and Groovy Wax in the UK. And it achieved 6 months on US charts (the AMA Americana charts and also featuring on the Blues Rock Album charts) and is on rotation (as of last week) on just under 150 stations around the US, with 36 or so heavy rotation. It's good to be big in San Antonio, TX. I'm...

Musician Tom Rodwell.


An update from February 2022 - news on album reviews, playlist and radio action, as well as hints of new recorded material in the pipeline.

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