· By Tom Rodwell

After Math

Wood & Waste was released about 50 million years ago, in October 2021. 

It's doing some business. I'm grateful that it's been picked up by Cargo Records UK for global distribution, and it's available from great retailers like Elusive Disc in the States and Groovy Wax in the UK.

And it achieved 6 months on US charts (the AMA Americana charts and also featuring on the Blues Rock Album charts) and is on rotation (as of last week) on just under 150 stations around the US, with 36 or so heavy rotation. It's good to be big in San Antonio, TX.

I'm also pleased to report it's on the airwaves in Lyon and Skopje and Dublin and Auckland and Slovenia and all around the Netherlands and even on the Beeb in little old London. A detailed roundup of press coverage is on the way. Thanks are due to Kim Grant, David Avery, Peter Holmstedt and Joe Cushley for all their promotional efforts.

Of course what's missing is the live versions of the music. The pandemic's final arrival in New Zealand saw to that. A drag, since the band is always cooking. You oughta check it out.

I had plans for an album launch show or two or maybe a little tour. That's parked. Maybe something will coalesce by the end of the year, but already on the horizon I'm heading back to the studio in July with some new (and old) songs, so soon enough there'll be a new record to bust out.

Farewell, Wood & Waste, we hardly knew ye. 


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