Tom Rodwell's new album Wood & Waste will be released on October 22nd 2021 on LP, CD, digital download and all the usual streaming platforms, with distribution via Cargo Records UK. 

A single is coming out on September 24 2021 - "Touch Me Like a Teddybear". Check out an exclusive preview on this site's player, and pre-save on Spotify here.

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COMING SOON ~ Tom Rodwell / Wood & Waste

180gram LP / digipak CD / streaming / digital download


Novelists famously use their day jobs for material—guitarist Tom Rodwell mines his crossover blues career with a writerly taste for the surreal on Wood & Waste, a decadent and charmingly outré collection.  Wood & Waste is what used to be called a cult record - a set of warmly anarchic influences and timeworn qualities that is Tom Rodwell’s trademark. 

His songs resemble ragged short stories, cobbled-together genres from an alternate history.  “The aim is to locate each song in a very specific room of its own, with contrasting feels like layers of paint or old wallpaper.” 

The album’s centrepiece is “She Got Me Boiling”, a juggernaut of psychedelic calypso welded to mindless riffs on cannibalism that would make the Mighty Sparrow blush.  Driven by a bass-heavy guitar pulse and animated carnival drums, it’s a fiendishly irresistible piece of music, as is the absurdist one-chord freak-out “Touch Me Like a Teddybear”, featuring NZ free improv notorieties Jeff Henderson and Chris O’Connor on drums. Improvisation is a key theme of Wood & Waste, where frequently a skeletal idea transforms into a fleshy dance rhythm.  “Keep on Knockin’” subverts a determined Bo Diddley beat with dissonant Mellotron in praise of Edward Hopper and William Morris.  “Plenty Time” is a species of prog rhumba set in Roman Britain, indebted to Nigerian giant King Sunny Ade. 

Rodwell’s revival of blues music as a vehicle for dance has been supple enough to embrace rhythms from spirituals and calypso, and seen him support acts like Otis Taylor, C.W. Stoneking and Leon Russell.  (“Beautiful tunes, beautiful groove—you don’t hear that anymore,” said Derek Trucks).  A parallel career as a session player has seen him moonlight live and on record for artists as diverse as Lonnie Holley, Robert Lamm and Don McGlashan, as well as various avant-jazz projects. 

* Tracked live to tape with no click or edits At Neil Finn’s Roundhead Studios NZ, via The Who’s old Neve Console. 

* Mastering and lacquer cut directly from 1/2” mixdown tapes by Kevin Gray, LA (Blue Note et al).

* Wood & Waste is an entirely analog AAA production with no digital conversion at any stage.  

* First run of 500 x 180gram LP’s by Pallas, DE.

Video Teaser 

Here's a teaser for new single Touch Me Like a Teddybear, directed and starring UK artist/comedian/moustache expert Well Douglas, aka Tat Vision:

Touch Me vid teaser

Full video coming soon! Single out Sept 24th on all the streaming platforms, do that pre-save thing below:

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